Mega Pack – 48 Bars


Make your own Pack with the bars of your choice

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Raw Bar Strawberry & Cocoa 60g

Energy from dried strawberries, dates, hazelnuts, chia seeds and oats - Net Weight 60g

Raw Bar Banana & Cocoa 60g

Crunchy pieces of dried banana with dates, hazelnut, oats, flaxseed and cocoa - Net Weight 60g

Raw Bar Lemon & Cranberry 60g

Low calorie lemon bar with cranberries, oats, almonds and dates - Net Weight 60g

Apple Cinnamon Handmade Bar 60g

Delicious apple bar with Ceylon cinnamon - Net Weight 60g

Brownie Handmade Bar 60g

Enjoy the taste of handmade hazelnut praline from natural ingredients - Net Weight 60g

Peanutbutter & Caramel Handmade Bar 60g

This snack is rich in fiber and ideal for all hours - Net Weight 60g

Tsoureki Handmade Bar 60g

Tsoureki flavored bar, a tribute to the traditional Greek sweet bread - Net Weight 60g