Grande Pack – 24 Bars


Make your own Pack with the bars of your choice

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Raw Bar Strawberry & Cocoa

Energy from dried strawberries, dates, hazelnuts, chia seeds and oats.

Raw Bar Banana & Cocoa

Crunchy pieces of dried banana with dates, hazelnut, oats, flaxseed and cocoa.

Raw Bar Lemon & Cranberry

Low calorie lemon bar with cranberries, oats, almonds and dates.

Apple Cinnamon Handmade Bar

Delicious apple bar with Ceylon cinnamon

Brownie Handmade Bar

Enjoy the taste of handmade hazelnut praline from natural ingredients

Peanutbutter & Caramel Handmade Bar

This snack is rich in fiber and ideal for all hours.

Tsoureki Handmade Bar

Tsoureki flavored bar, a tribute to the traditional Greek sweet bread.

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